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Organic photovoltaic devices

Slide 21

Processes in OPVs

Slide 18

Organic device degradation

Slide 2
2D Diffraction maps of OPVs
(Turak et al. J. Renew. Sustain. Enger. 2 053103 (2010))
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OPV decay curve

Slide 19
OPV architecture at the device, microstructure and molecular level (Turak et al. J. Renew. Sustain. Energ, 2 053103 (2010))
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(Turak RSC Adv.3, 618 (2013))

Slide 8
Organic dewetting on ITO
(Turak RSC Adv. 3 6188 (2013))
Slide 12
Oligomer Morphological instability
(Heidkamp et al Proc. of SPIE Vol. 8915 891508 (2013))
Slide 9
Highly crystalline diindenoperylene growth on ITO
(Turak et al. J. Nano. Res. 14 125 (2011))
Slide 13
Approaches to DIP stabilization on ITO
(Heidkamp et al Proc. of SPIE Vol. 8915 891508 (2013)
Slide 17
Nanoparticle size controlled dispersions with reverse micelle depostion
(Aytun et al Nano Lett. 12 39 (2012))
Slide 15
Reverse micelle deposition process for SnOx nanoparticles
(Lee Sci. Rep 9 2411 (2019)
Slide 5
Reverse micelle deposition of LiF nanoparticles on ITO modifiers work function
(Aytun et al. Nano Lett. 12 39 (2012))
Slide 7
Incorporation of solution processed LiF nanoparticles sol-LiF into OPV devices
(Turak et al. Appl. Phys. Lett. 100 253303 (2012))
Slide 23
Schematic of a) Monte Carlo and b) Molecular Dynamics modelling for Organic Molecules
Slide 11
Building "Point Clouds" from Ensembles of Molecules in Square Boundaries
(Diaz-Ortiz et al PCCP 16 (37), 20228 - 20235 (2014) )
Slide 16
Configuration particle density distributions for 4032 simulation runs of 2D organic molecule analogues
(Diaz-Ortiz et al PCCP 16 (37), 20228 - 20235 (2014) )
Slide 10
Planal Positional Probability and Configurations of organic molecules resulting from confinement effects
(Diaz-Ortiz et al PCCP 16 (37), 20228 - 20235 (2014) )
Slide 20
Microstructure control in organic thin films
(Nguyen et al. Proc. SPIE 7722, 772269 (2010))
Slide 14
Organic heterojunctions seperation using Fourier subtraction approcoach
(Turak et al. Nanotechnology 21 285705 (2010)
Slide 11
Reactions at metal/Alq3 interfaces
(Turak RSC Adv. 3, 6188 (2013), Turak et al Appl. Phys. Lett. 81, 766 (2002))

Welcome to the Turak Research Group!

Our research focusses on easy, versatile, and inexpensive methods of exploring and tuning interfaces in organic/perovskite/hybrid photovoltaics and light emitting diodes to tackle critical problems in stability, lifetime, and manufacturing.

To achieve this vision, we use simple manufacturing approaches (reverse micelle deposition of nanoparticles), allow nature to dictate morphology (entropic self-assembly, beneficial dewetting), and develop widely applicable tools (“dis-Locate” spatial order classification package,“MORPHOLOGIES” Monte Carlo simulation code, 3D printed environmental testing chamber).



April 2019 – Congrats to Kenny and Bertha on the acceptance of their paper on the synthesis of RMD iron oxide by Raman in Nanoscale!

April 2019 – Congrats Sahar and Emma on successful completion of your research projects for CHEM 4G03 and EP 3H04

April 2019 – Check out the latest papers from the group in collaboration with our colleagues in China on nanostructures for gas sensors and lithium sulfur batteries

Feb 2019 – Congrats to Alex (S. I. Lee), Greg, Kenny, Lazar and Bertha (L. S. Hui) on the publication of their paper on SnOx nanoparticles for blue OLEDs in Scientific Reports

Jan 2019 – Welcome M. Munir -- a new PhD student in the group!

Jan 2019 — Welcome Sahar, doing her CHEM 4G03 final project in the group

Jan 2019 – Thanks to Angela for a great high school co-op!

Dec 2018 — Congratulations to Bertha for successfully defending her PhD. Good work Dr. Hui!




  • Click here for more information on current research.

  • Organic semiconductor chemistry and structure, primarily for optoelectronics (organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) and organic solar cells (OPVs))

  • Electrode interface engineering in optoelectronic devices: chemical, morphological, electronic

  • Degradation at interfaces in devices

  • Nanostructured electrodes and interlayers for high performance devices

  • Geometric packing and phase transition modelling for organic molecule morphology

  • Structural effects on surface activity, contact enhancement, and device performance

  • Surface and interface physics;




" Functional nanoparticles for third generation photovoltaics and light emitting structures: monodispersity and size control for high performance devices " Dr. Ayse Turak - Canadian Semiconductor Science and Technology Conference, Saskatoon Aug 2019


" Exploring Optimization Techniques for Organic Photovoltaic Device Performance " Emma Mogus - 3H04/4H04 Research Symposium March 15th 2019


" Formation and Characterization of SnOx, MgF2, and Au nanoparticles using diblock co-polymer reverse micelle deposition " Sahar Syed - 3H04/4H04 Research Symposium March 8th 2019


"Solution processed nanoparticles for flexible optoelectronics " Dr. Ayse Turak - 2nd International Forum on Display and Optoelectronic Devices (CK-DEEP), Seoul (Asan), South Korea, (2018) Nov. 8th 2018

Group meetings

Tuesdays at 3:00pm - JHE 265

Exceptions (JHE 265):
April 23 @ 2:30 pm
April 30 @ 2:30 pm
Aug 19 @ 2:30 pm

Graduate Students
R. Arbi
M. Munir
G. Hanta
A. Ibrahim
Research Associates
K. Liang
B. Hui
Prof. Dongcheol Jeong (visiting professor, Hoseo)
UG and visiting Students
E. Mogus
S. Syed
E. Zhu (USRA)
P. Sauvage (U. Rennes)
C. Zheng (UTSC, China)
S. I. Lee (Hoseo, S. Korea)

Email for schedules/locations and
more information

Future students


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