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Organic photovoltaic devices

Slide 21

Processes in OPVs

Slide 18

Organic device degradation

Slide 2
2D Diffraction maps of OPVs
(Turak et al. J. Renew. Sustain. Enger. 2 053103 (2010))
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OPV decay curve

Slide 19
OPV architecture at the device, microstructure and molecular level (Turak et al. J. Renew. Sustain. Energ, 2 053103 (2010))
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(Turak RSC Adv.3, 618 (2013))

Slide 8
Organic dewetting on ITO
(Turak RSC Adv. 3 6188 (2013))
Slide 12
Oligomer Morphological instability
(Heidkamp et al Proc. of SPIE Vol. 8915 891508 (2013))
Slide 9
Highly crystalline diindenoperylene growth on ITO
(Turak et al. J. Nano. Res. 14 125 (2011))
Slide 13
Approaches to DIP stabilization on ITO
(Heidkamp et al Proc. of SPIE Vol. 8915 891508 (2013)
Slide 17
Nanoparticle size controlled dispersions with reverse micelle depostion
(Aytun et al Nano Lett. 12 39 (2012))
Slide 15
Reverse micelle deposition process
(Ow Yang et al. Thin Solid Films (in Press))
Slide 5
Reverse micelle deposition of LiF nanoparticles on ITO modifiers work function
(Aytun et al. Nano Lett. 12 39 (2012))
Slide 7
Incorporation of solution processed LiF nanoparticles sol-LiF into OPV devices
(Turak et al. Appl. Phys. Lett. 100 253303 (2012))
Slide 23
Schematic of a) Monte Carlo and b) Molecular Dynamics modelling for Organic Molecules
Slide 11
Building "Point Clouds" from Ensembles of Molecules in Square Boundaries
(Diaz-Ortiz et al PCCP 16 (37), 20228 - 20235 (2014) )
Slide 16
Configuration particle density distributions for 4032 simulation runs of 2D organic molecule analogues
(Diaz-Ortiz et al PCCP 16 (37), 20228 - 20235 (2014) )
Slide 10
Planal Positional Probability and Configurations of organic molecules resulting from confinement effects
(Diaz-Ortiz et al PCCP 16 (37), 20228 - 20235 (2014) )
Slide 20
Microstructure control in organic thin films
(Nguyen et al. Proc. SPIE 7722, 772269 (2010))
Slide 14
Organic heterojunctions seperation using Fourier subtraction approcoach
(Turak et al. Nanotechnology 21 285705 (2010)
Slide 11
Reactions at metal/Alq3 interfaces
(Turak RSC Adv. 3, 6188 (2013), Turak et al Appl. Phys. Lett. 81, 766 (2002))

Welcome to the Turak Research Group!


My research is focused on interfacial engineering in organic optoelectronic devices (OLED, OPVs). We tune the morphology, chemistry, electronic states, and structure at electrode and donor-acceptor interfaces, and study order disorder transitions in semiconducting organic thin films.



June 2017 – Congrats to Matt on being a division finalist for the student presentation prize at CAP Congress 2017

May 2017 – Bertha and Matt off to Surface Canada 2017 to make presentations on their work on graphene and on classification of disorder respectively

May 2017 – Welcome to the new summer students: Emma, Ben, Diana, Hani,

April 2017 – Congrats to alumni members Hrishi and Lindsay on the publication of their paper on the normal force adhesion testing of OPVs in collaboration with our colleagues in Holland

March 2017
– Congrats to Erinn for the acceptance of his book chapter on candidate materials for MASERs, due out in the fall

March 2017 – Check out the latest paper from the group in collaboration with our colleagues in Korea on white OLEDs

March 2017 – Check out the latest paper from the group in collaboration with our colleagues in Turkey on the transfer printing of Au nanoparticles using a thermo-responsive polymer film

Feb 2017 – Check out the latest paper from the group “LiF doping of C60 studied with x-ray photoemission shake-up analysis”

Jan 2017 – Welcome visiting students from Korea, Kevin and Alex, for a 2 month internship!

Jan 2017 – Congrats to Matt on the publication of his latest paper in Physica A comparing GranSim and MD simulations of the structures of two-organic molecules

Fall 2016 – Dr. Turak teaching Eng Phys 4ES3

Sept 2016 – Dr. Turak awarded an Early Researcher Award (ERA)

Sept 2016 – Welcome undergrad researchers: Fariha, Lazar and Roxanna

Sept 2016 – Welcome Greg, new master’s student

Sept 2016 – Thanks to the summer students for a great summer


  • Click here for more information on current research.

  • Organic semiconductor chemistry and structure, primarily for optoelectronics (organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) and organic solar cells (OPVs))

  • Electrode interface engineering in organic optoelectronic devices: chemical, morphological, electronic

  • Degradation at interfaces in organic devices

  • Nanostructured electrodes and interlayers for high performance organic devices

  • Geometric packing and phase transition modelling for organic molecule morphology

  • Structural effects on surface activity, contact enhancement, and device performance

  • Surface and interface physics;


McMaster   M. Bumstead, A. Turak, “Quantifying morphological differences between seemingly similar systems of self-assembled planar particles to evaluate the influence caused from varying experimental methods in order to achieve better control over producing patterns with a desired intermolecular structure and dispersion” Division of Surface Science (DSS), Canadian Association of Physicists Congress, 2017, Kingston, ON (2017) June 1st
McMaster   F. Maye, L. Kojovic, L. S. Hui, K. Liang, G. Hanta, J. Heidkamp, M. Bumstead, A. Turak, Role of LiF nanoparticle interlayer dispersion in degradation stability of OLEDs and OPVs, 18th Canadian Semiconductor Science and Technology Conference, Waterloo, ON (2017) Aug. 23rd
McMaster   A. Turak, “Reverse micelles as nanoreactors -- stability, solubility and spectroscopy” Materials Chemistry, Optics in Soft Materials, 100th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition, 2017, Toronto, On (2017) May 29th

L. S. Hui, A. Turak, “Role of oxidation in CVD graphene on Cu exposed to ambient low temperature annealing and oxygen plasma etching” Surface Canada 2017, Montreal, ON (2017), May 10th T00


M. Bumstead, K. Liang, G. Hanta, L. S. Hui, A. Turak, “Visualizing intermolecular dispersion of monolayer nanoparticles: making the most from limited data sets” Surface Canada 2017, Montreal, ON (2017), May 10th T00

Group meetings

Monday's at 10:30am JHE 326B

Graduate Students
M. Bumstead
K. Liang
E. van Wynsberghe
B. Hui
G. Hanta

Summer Students
Celine Michael
Stacey Mark
Nia Nijiati
Lazar Kojovic
Haley Glavina

Email for schedules/locations and
more information

Future students


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